Sonia Allori

A very Covid Christmas and finding some balance

These lovely berries are a cheering colourful point in my daily wheels with Pixie at the moment. When we’re outside I breathe in every sight and smell. I can’t hear the birdsong, but I see birds and imagine it. I had Covid over the festive season like so many other folks. It has taken quite a few weeks to recover and to feel even remotely human again. Even now, the fatigue washes over me like a slow wave of sea water on a beach on most days and has given me pause for thought about making some changes in 2022 and to find more of a work/life balance going forwards. I’ve been lucky enough to work relentlessly for the past 2 years throughout the pandemic and 2019 was also a particularly busy year with work. But here we all are at the beginning of 2022, and I realised that together with being incredibly busy with work during the past 3 years that my health has continued to be patchy and rubbish.

So, it’s time to make a change and to put life and non-work things and having some fun into the mix too. That all probably sounds absolutely ridiculous and really self-involved, but it got to the stage in 2021 where I would lurch from one project to the next and sometimes feel that I wasn’t focused or doing any of the work with my whole head and heart. So, it’s all change for me! I’ve had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture with my new varifocals (which are purple of course)! The plan is to focus in on fewer projects every year and to leave lots of space for other stuff that isn’t work. To find time to get healthier and fitter and happier. To find time for the people and places that I love. To think, to read, to notice, to smile …… and to breathe!

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