Sonia Allori

Disappointment, Celebration and more Fungi!

Autumn has well and truly arrived, and Pixie has managed to find some more fine fungi specimens lately. Here she is pictured above sniffing an amazing red one. The colour was so vivid, and we admired it for a good minute or two even though I loathe mushrooms as you know! She never tries to nibble any of them at all.

So, have you ever been horribly disappointed one moment only for this to be replaced with unexpected success almost immediately afterwards!? It is truly an odd mixture of emotions and happened to me just in the last few weeks. I received news of rejection for one arty opportunity and was sorely sad about it and then a day later received still more news of a different arty opportunity that I had unexpectedly been selected for. But that’s how it goes in this arty-farty world that I belong to. I’m sure this rings true for others in similar arty-farty circles hehehe! I must admit that I have gotten much better at handling the rejections along with the successes. I allow myself one day to wallow in a great pit for disappointed hopes and then give myself a good kick up the nether regions the next day while chanting the mantra, “onwards and upwards and possibly sideways” (just to cover any and all possible eventualities!).

October and November are jam-packed owing to my misadventure with the car in August and consequently being stuck at home for 7 weeks with a lovely foot boot. Everything has had to be moved and rescheduled to within an inch of its life, but I think that’s everything sorted now and plumbed into the calendar for the next few months. Recent train troubles have only added to the interest as well as engineering works where they offer a replacement bus that isn’t wheelchair accessible. Ah, the joys! If only everything was straightforward but that’s not how life is in this topsy-turvy world where everything feels a bit wrong at the moment (or is this just me?).  

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