Sonia Allori

Re-categorising my sock collection & Sound Symphony

I discovered on Bank Holiday Monday that I was wearing what I would class as a pair of Christmas socks. I have an extensive sock collection. People give me socks and I love it! No, that wasn’t sarcastic. I really love socks! Anyway, said socks had sausage dogs wearing Santa hats and that seemed just plain wrong in early May. The problem is I have a number of favourite pairs that happen to be Christmas themed, and it seems a shame to wear them for only a few weeks of the year! So, I looked into my vast collection and have re-themed several pairs as “winter socks” thus ensuring they get worn for at least a few months of the year. Thrilling stuff isn’t it!? Sad thing is it is now almost certainly not winter so they must rest awhile in the sock drawer…

I’ve been rehearsing at Rockvilla (the National Theatre of Scotland building) since mid-April. I’m performing in Sound Symphony with Oily Cart which is a sensory theatre show which first toured Scotland in 2019 before the world changed and we had 2 years of living under the conditions of a pandemic. 2019 is now 3 years ago and I spent two thirds of those years at home, mainly in my living room (and mainly on my sofa!). We have now moved into the actual show bit and mid-May find ourselves in Edinburgh performing at the French Institute as part of The International Children’s Festival with actual audiences. I dance in my wheelchair on a floor of bubble wrap wearing a cape festooned with neon ice cream spoons! The joy is palpable!

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