Sonia Allori

Transitioning ……. going online and leaving the living room!

It happened! I have finally exited the living room and worked with actual lovely humans in another building after months and months and months of working from home! It was very weird and very wonderful in equal measure. You can see from the photo opposite that despite much anxiety when it came to the day in early November it made me very happy! I was filming with Oily Cart for a new website resource and in character as a peacock of sorts! (As you do!). I first worked with Oily Cart in 2019 together with Independent Arts Projects in a sensory theatre production called Sound Symphony which we hope will tour again in 2022.

In another new development, you find this blog post published online as part of my first ever proper website. I’ve been a bit reluctant to have one before now, mostly due to a combination of shyness and putting myself and my work “online” and “out there” in a dedicated space. There is still something slightly uncomfortable about it which probably sounds completely ridiculous until you know that my default setting is to hide in the cupboard!

These 2 recent happenings have felt fairly momentous to me given the past 20 months or so. We have all changed, the world has changed (a bit) but is already slipping back into the usual pattern of only noticing the marginalised when something awful happens. Is there the tiniest hope of us all transitioning out of the pandemic with the beginnings of a conscience and with eyes and minds open? It cheers me to think so. Meanwhile, I continue to pay attention and notice the small things.  

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