Sonia Allori

Doing things differently.


Well now it has been a good long while since I last waffled in a blog post. It seemed as good a time as any to write one. I have some health stuff going on right now and 2024 has not started quite as expected but that’s the way of things sometimes. While I deal with and get through the health gubbins …… work, which is usually pretty central to my existence is taking a back seat. This is such a different experience it has rather shocked the heck out of me! When you suddenly stop and postpone things and hopes and plans go awry it doesn’t half put you wrong. I spent most of January treading water in a huge vat of shock and now it’s February the inertia has shifted slightly into slight signs of animation …… or at least moving off the sofa again. 

So, I’ve decided to embrace this unexpected start to 2024 and to do this year differently. I expect it sounds a bit like making New Years’ resolutions a tad late this year. Oh well, never got the hang of making those stick anyway, have you!? I’ll still be doing wee bits of work here and there, mostly smaller music commissions I can do from home. But the bigger stuff and all of the in-person stuff has been postponed and so I will be staying put for a fair few months it looks like, if not most of the year. My brain is struggling with this concept not a little! It is railing against the sheer concept of not working on 6 different projects at once which is how things usually are. It’s a novel concept to think about “doing things differently” and I’m not sure what this will look like or how it will be as yet. I think it might be one of those where you find out along the way. The first thing I have noticed however is that without those 6 work projects happening all at once there is a glimmer of something else manifesting in my brain together with the shock of unexpected health gubbins. Now that’s a wee bit new and interesting …. 

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