The end of Sound Symphony and taking time off.

A Sound Symphony rose given to the cast and crew after the last performance on 24th June, a reminder of the scented rose petals featured throughout the show. The final performances were emotional, and I was reminded why I do this work and why it is so important to make theatre with amazing young autistic […]

Re-categorising my sock collection & Sound Symphony

I discovered on Bank Holiday Monday that I was wearing what I would class as a pair of Christmas socks. I have an extensive sock collection. People give me socks and I love it! No, that wasn’t sarcastic. I really love socks! Anyway, said socks had sausage dogs wearing Santa hats and that seemed just […]

April showers and leaving the living room a bit more!

This lovely view of the Cairngorms was taken from the car window on an early April excursion. It’s good to be getting out and about a bit more. I’m still a wee bit tentative but after a week of in person rehearsals in Glasgow with Sonic Bothy last month it feels a bit less weird […]

A very Covid Christmas and finding some balance

These lovely berries are a cheering colourful point in my daily wheels with Pixie at the moment. When we’re outside I breathe in every sight and smell. I can’t hear the birdsong, but I see birds and imagine it. I had Covid over the festive season like so many other folks. It has taken quite […]


I have just finished writing the last note of my final commissioned work of 2021. It’s a short new work for Digital Orchestra and commissioned by Drake Music Scotland. I won’t give too much away yet but the event Echoes, curated by composer Ben Lunn will be at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday […]

Transitioning ……. going online and leaving the living room!

It happened! I have finally exited the living room and worked with actual lovely humans in another building after months and months and months of working from home! It was very weird and very wonderful in equal measure. You can see from the photo opposite that despite much anxiety when it came to the day […]

(Dis) Connect.

Many many more weeks of lockdown have passed by in a bit of a blur if I’m being honest. Health continues to grumble along keeping the days uneven and the feeling that progress and life have stalled a bit …… but I imagine everyone feels that at the moment from time to time (or maybe […]

Moving off the Sofa…

A month of lockdown has come and gone and I’ve been in a kind of stasis doing bits and pieces of things here and there mainly because health has gotten rather grumbly the more I have stayed still. I think I do better when I’m gadding about all over the place on trains, to be […]

New projects and staying still…

So I was just about to enter a month of mad travelling and work but have suddenly found that I’ll be staying still for a while together with a lot of others in these odd times. Have been meaning to write in here for over a year but haven’t found the spare moment until now. […]